TERRAZZO face mask

Handmade face mask in 100% organic linen. The mask is made with two layers of linen fabric and elastic ear loops.Environmentally friendly alternative that is reusable and washable! Each mask will be completely unique and may not look exactly like the picture because it is handmade. By using this mask you avoid touching your mouth and nose. Also reduces the risk of saliva spreading when talking, sneezing or coughing.

Please note: This is only a mouth guard in fabric. It can provide some protection against splashes and body fluids with proper handling. These mouth guards are NOT medical devices (MTP) or personal protective equipment (PPE) or CE marked. The mask is intended for personal use and should not be used by healthcare professionals.

SIZE: FFrom the bridge of the nose to the chin about 15 cm, over the mouth about 18 cm.
MATERIAL: 100% Organic linen, elastic ear loops
CARE: Machine wash 60 degrees. Allow to dry completely before use. Iron the inside of the mask, avoid the bands.
11.48 EUR
Face mask LEA
11.48 EUR
BARRA face mask
11.48 EUR