About the designer

All products in this shop are designed and illustrated by me, Isabelle Norman Sällström, most known as Isa. I live in Piteå in the north of Sweden with my husband David and my two sons Theo and Eddie. I was born in 1981 I have always loved everything related to color, shape and design. I studied design at Bergh Soc and then worked as an graphic designer for a couple of years. It was during my maternity leave with Theo in 2006 that I started Isa Form. My spare time I spend in our summer house by the sea. There is nothing better than the sound of wind and waves. I love sushi and enjoy a a glass of red wine now and then. I love drawing there to, sitting at the kitchen table with his eyes fixed on the horizon. My style is usually described as playful, humorous and with a retro vibe.