For the office and life in general

Here you will find smart, quirky products that can be a lifesaver in everyday life. The popular Family calendar with six columns. Neat magnetic pads withshopping lists, weekly planning and menu. Ögonblick baby cards which is a fun gift at a baby shower or to new parents. Then there is nice greeting cards for all purposes. Everything is manufactured in small editions. Look around, hope you find something nice!

Friends memo Friends memo
19.60 EUR
Message card Message card
0.98 EUR 2.86 EUR
Family calendar 2021 Family calendar 2021
13.05 EUR 26.10 EUR
Moment baby cards Moment baby cards
17.63 EUR
Magnetic pad stripe set Magnetic pad stripe set
11.82 EUR 14.77 EUR
Magnetic pad CAT Magnetic pad CAT
5.81 EUR
Gift voucher Gift voucher
24.62 EUR
Card Bow tie Card Bow tie
1.58 EUR 2.86 EUR
Card cupcake orange Card cupcake orange
1.58 EUR 2.86 EUR
Card cupcake green Card cupcake green
1.58 EUR 2.86 EUR
Card Good together Card Good together
1.58 EUR 2.86 EUR
Card Piteå Card Piteå
2.86 EUR
Card Tack! Card Tack!
1.58 EUR 2.86 EUR
Card Love! Card Love!
1.58 EUR 2.86 EUR
Card Vin äger Card Vin äger
1.58 EUR 2.86 EUR