Weekly agenda

Organize your week and keep track of your daily assignments and goals using this handy pad. Perfect for stressed young people to get a better view of the week, but works just as well for an adult to organize work and everyday life. The block has 50 sheets and is therefore enough for almost a whole year. All text are in swedish. Size: A4, 21x29.7cm.

Each sheet contains:
- Planning Monday - Sunday
- "To do" with checkboxes - write down the most important of the week.
- Notes, a box free to draw, scribble or a small quote or recipe?
- Set daily goals such as "take a coffee break" or "bike to work" - perfect for motivating yourself to stick to your goals and cultivate good habits. Check off how it goes every day.

Please note! This block has no magnet.

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12.95 EUR