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Here you find kitchen textiles,  cushions and aprons in organic linen. Here are handmade trays in nordic wood, modern wall tapestry, growth charts and enamel mugs. Here are also the popular collection of people I have made in collaboration with Spira of Sweden. Hope you find something that makes you happy!


Stay Wild bricka Stay Wild bricka
23.09 EUR 34.21 EUR
Akka wall tapestry Akka wall tapestry
64.81 EUR
Stay wild kuddfodral Stay wild kuddfodral
24.94 EUR 35.14 EUR
Norden set Norden set
32.45 EUR
Jaguar cushion Jaguar cushion
35.14 EUR
Norden cushion Norden cushion
35.14 EUR
Femme cushion Femme cushion
35.14 EUR
Acapulco cushion Acapulco cushion
35.14 EUR
Hazel tray Hazel tray
15.67 EUR 34.21 EUR
Gold enamel mug Gold enamel mug
17.52 EUR
Dad enamel mug Dad enamel mug
17.52 EUR
Mr & Mrs ovenmit Mr & Mrs ovenmit
35.14 EUR
Terrazzo set Terrazzo set
32.45 EUR
Barra gray set Barra gray set
32.45 EUR
Terrazzo apron Terrazzo apron
41.63 EUR
Barra apron Barra apron
41.63 EUR
Norden apron Norden apron
41.63 EUR
Mambo cushion Mambo cushion
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Lugg linen cushion Lugg linen cushion
21.23 EUR 35.14 EUR
Piano linen cushion Piano linen cushion
17.52 EUR 35.14 EUR
Flax linen cushion Flax linen cushion
35.14 EUR
Piteå 400 år tray mint Piteå 400 år tray mint
från 27.82 EUR 34.21 EUR
Frank tray 36Ø Frank tray 36Ø
32.45 EUR
Dugg cutting board Dugg cutting board
26.80 EUR