A popular birth print that is customized with color, face, birth information and symbols. 

1) Click here to see all available characters.
2) Submit face and the two symbols codes
3) Submit the text. Write it in capital letters.
4) Choose color and size.

Often asked 
- The name has to have at least 3 letters.
- Glasses can be added to any characther, write it together with the face cod, eg W10E1.
- Special adjustments arent made, but things can be taken off, like a beard or glasses.
- Proof is not provided. Frame not included. 
27.51 EUR

Monkey's balloons
från 22.01 EUR 27.51 EUR
från 22.01 EUR 27.51 EUR
från 22.01 EUR 27.51 EUR
från 14.65 EUR 18.31 EUR