December Soulfood

Christmas 2020 is different from other years when we can not socialize in the same way we usually do. And that's really what Christmas is all about. This year we have to find other ways for it, and then it is extra important to remember those we can not meet. Here's a little guide for December. Souldfood tips with good deeds to remember and appreciate each other. Smart checklists to plan the food, the gifts and what to do together. Maybe it can give a less stress-free Christmas, both in head and heart.

The sheet contains
- Checklist with 16 tips on activities that are real "soul-food such as" Support a local entrepreneur by buying gift there" and "Leave a note with something nice in someone's bag or jacket pocket. "

_ Checklist to-do before Christmas

- Checklist of Christmas gifts

_ Checklist cook and bake

- Checklist "darlings to call before Christmas".

The loading hand is printed on a thick paper in A4 size. Only available in swedish text.

2.22 EUR