Friends memo

The classic game Memory with the colorful friends from Spira of Sweden with shape and illustrations from Isa Form. Who is your favorite? Maybe there is someone similar to everyone in your crew? 

Tip! Turn up the challenge by finding every players lookalike. The one who first managed to catch their own lookalike couple gets the rest of the gang to offer something really luxurious! 

Tip 2! Use the game as the classic "who's there". Two players each receive a copy of all friend cards. Choose a friend and write down who it is for yourself on a piece of paper. Then you ask each other questions like "Is your friend a man?" or "Does he/she have glasses?", all to figure out which friend your opponent has chosen. Whoever find out the other's friend first wins! 

The game contains 50 cards, instructions and a list of all friends in English.

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