A personal print that is just as suitable for families as for groups of friends or to present the staff at the workplace.

You put it together with up to nine faces from the "isaform family" who are similar to you! The face and names are optional and you choose from a lot of different children, pets, men and women. Available in several colors and sizes.

1) Click among the pictures to see which faces you can choose from (at the back)
2) Submit faces and names (capital letters). There will be as many squares as rows you fill
3) Submit the big text in lower case letters. For long text, we will put it in 2 lines.
4) Choose color (the colors have a  light texture)

Proof is not provided. Frame not included.

29.49 EUR
26.54 EUR

Substantiv farfar
17.66 EUR 19.63 EUR
Substantiv morfar
17.66 EUR 19.63 EUR
Substantiv syster
17.66 EUR 19.63 EUR
Tooth family
13.23 EUR 14.70 EUR