Piteå 400 år

This is a illustration I have made to celebrate my hometown Piteås 400 year anniversary. 

"With this illustration I want to capture the people who live here, the countryside and the city . I want to highlight the benefit that we get to experience four seasons fully here. That Piteå is a vibrant cultural city with, among other things, its own festival and music schools and a burning entrepreneurship. I wanted to bring our talented football girls and ski teams and our sea bathing tourists. In addition, a couple of our new and older buildings such as Jävrefyren, Piteå and Jävre museum, Stadshotellet, our wind turbines, Tages bridge, Öjeby church, the church town, Kust hotell, Acusticum, and Västra kajen."

Frame is not included.

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Piteå 400 år tray mint
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