Luke cushion

This is one of the illustrations in a large series of people that I produced in collaboration with Spira of Sweden. It is available as a print, toiletry bag, cloth bag and pillow case. A real color injection for any home. Graphic, colorful and fun!

"Luke is the kind of guy who enjoys meeting up with friends. Give him a beer and some cool people to hang out with, and he´s happy. He doest mind spending the odd evening in front of the telly either."

The cushion is 50x50 cm, 100% cotton and has a solid colored back. Inner pillow is not included.

22.34 EUR
20.11 EUR
This product is unfortunately out of stock and might be coming soon!
Ebbot tote bag
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Luke tote bag
18.50 EUR 20.56 EUR
Luke print
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Luke toiletry bag
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