Åke toiletry bag

This is one of the illustrations in a large series of people that I produced in collaboration with Spira of Sweden. It is available as a print, toiletry bag, cloth bag and pillow case. A real color injection for any home. Graphic, colorful and fun.

"Åke enjoy retirement life. He listens to podcasts or play bridge with his friends. He LOVES to see Glamor and eat pralines with his wife."

he inside is plastic layered.  Size 25x19.

13.80 EUR
11.04 EUR
Åke tote
16.93 EUR 21.16 EUR
Åke cushion
18.40 EUR 23.01 EUR
Substantiv morfar
från 14.65 EUR 18.31 EUR
från 13.18 EUR 16.47 EUR