Penny tote

This is Penny, she is one of the illustrations in a large series of  characters that I produced in collaboration with Spira of Sweden. 

"Penny  is a pug who loves to walk in the park. The best she knows is to roll  in mud puddles. She gets very moody when you have to cut her claws or  brush her teeth."

Available as print, toiletry bag, cloth bag and pillow case. A real color injection for any home. Graphic, colorful  and fun! Buy several of these faces and mix them with your own  portraits. Fun twist on the picture wall! Or find figures that are  similar to you - there are many!

This tote is 37x48 cm with two  57 cm long shoulder straps. Perfect for gym clothes, school books or as a shopping bag.

19.77 EUR
Bosse cushion
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Penny cushion
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Bosse toiletry bag
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Sausage dog
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