Gold enamel mug

Enamel mug of the highest quality with a swedish text translated "You have silver in your hair and gold in your heart". A great gift for someone who means a lot to you.

Durable mug to take with you on a picnic, in the garage or during a fishing trip. Give away with a good tea, coffee beans or a chocolate cake.

The mug is about 8 cm high and weighs about 150 grams. The print is on both sides, so it fits very well, regardless of whether you are left-handed or right-handed. The print are burnt into the mug, so the colors can vary slightly from mug to mug. The mug is handmade and does not have a perfect surface like ceramic cups.  The mug is handmade and the black painted edge of the mug is hand painted and is not completely smooth. 

17.40 EUR
Åke toiletry bag
13.81 EUR
Elsa cushion
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Substantiv mormor
från 18.32 EUR
Substantiv farmor
från 18.32 EUR
Substantiv farfar
från 18.32 EUR
Substantiv morfar
från 18.32 EUR