Three berries

Swedish forests are abundant of delicious berries. In the end of summer, we Swedes invade the forests with big boots and mosquito spray to fill up our baskets. Berries are picked for making your own jam, pie, jelly or other treats. Or just for the pleasure of the outdoor experience.

I have a collection of illustrated berries,  inspired from my walks in these northern woods. You can find them both on kitchen towels, enamel mugs and poster. Hope you will enjoy them!

Enter which berries you want like this, eg "Blueberry A4, Lingonberry 30x40, Fieldberry 30x40". Then select the same sizes in the button selection below.

40.02 EUR
26.68 EUR

Barra tray 38Ø
22.38 EUR 31.34 EUR
Piteå 400 år tray mint
from 21.40 EUR 33.04 EUR
from 13.34 EUR 17.82 EUR
Rymden mätsticka
26.77 EUR 35.72 EUR