Gifts for a friend

Gifts for that friend worth his or her weight in gold. Pamper her with a luxurious silk scarf. Buy him a nice poster. Or tell them how you feel with a friendship print. 

Shapes Shapes
19.63 EUR
Bloom Bloom
14.70 EUR
Shawl Terrazzo gray Shawl Terrazzo gray
42.32 EUR 52.19 EUR
Shawl Hazel pink Shawl Hazel pink
Coming soon
MAMBO face mask MAMBO face mask
12.33 EUR
Femme cushion Femme cushion
37.39 EUR
Friends memo Friends memo
19.63 EUR
Stella tote bag Stella tote bag
14.70 EUR
You, me & tea You, me & tea
14.70 EUR
Substantive friend Substantive friend
19.63 EUR
Femme Femme
19.63 EUR
Nike toiletry bag Nike toiletry bag
12.73 EUR
Kvinna scarf liten Kvinna scarf liten
32.06 EUR
We are good 31Ø We are good 31Ø
27.52 EUR
Vin äger Vin äger
19.63 EUR
Lemon Lemon
14.70 EUR