Another member of the "isaform family". Choose figures that are similar to you. Hang in the hall, above the bed, or weave into the wall among the family pictures. Match with someone else from the isaform family. Fun gift for wedding or engagement. The text is optional and you choose from a lot of different faces. Available in several colors and sizes.

How to do:

1) Choose size and color.

2) Click among the pictures to see which faces you can choose from, and enter their codes under "Faces".

3) Enter text under "big text" and "small text". Leave blank if you want to be without text. The text is capitalized.

Note° Glasses can be put on ALL figures. Write if you want it in parentheses behind the face code and I'll fix it. No proofing is provided. Frame not included.

19.63 EUR

Here comes the sun
14.70 EUR
Excuse the mess
14.70 EUR
29.50 EUR
Iris and Frank
19.63 EUR