When the ice settles on the lake, the sailor Ebbot immediately ends up in a Christmas mood. It is usually around mid-November. Then he places his rubber boots and raincoat in the storeroom, combs his beard firmly and dresses the fishing shed in colorful christmas garlands so the whole village lights up. Then he spends the days before Christmas making his own herring, pickling salmon and baking wort bread. And make chocolate-dipped marzipan fish with the grandchildren. Every year he exchanges a pot of Christmas-spiced fish balls for a  knitted Christmas sweater with the lady next door. And when he goes out on Christmas Eve morning with his pipe in the snowstorm. Wearing winter-lined boots and coat to buy the morning paper. Then the frost-bitten beard tends to be absolutely wonderfully white.

Frame not included.

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Jul-Ebbot tygpåse
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